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Fun with Fujifilm

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am over this buy!!! I was at Urban Outfitters looking around with my cousin when out of no where, he spotted it. Sitting on the dimly lit wooden shelves were the rows of instant film cameras. I went home and after a few days I made my decision. I was going to purchase one of these glorious inventions. Here is my Fujilfilm + accessories.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (currently $55 on Amazon)


A pink case with an adjustable strap. The front flap unbuttons so you don’t have to take the camera in and out of the case. This is super convenient for me, because I’m extremely clumsy and I often drop things. (Currently $10 on Amazon)


Finally, this purchase would not be complete without film. (the twin pack is currently $12)

I have Amazon prime so prices may vary. I’m excited to take my new friend on future adventures and starting a new project with all my future pictures.

Until next time!

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Learning to Shop Smart

Welcome to my first shopping post! I do not work. The main reason I do not work is because my husband is in the Navy. Meaning he’s barely home (sad face). When I was working, I was barely home and it brought way too much unnecessary stress into our relationship. So, we decided it was better for me to stop working. No longer working meant I had to cut back on shopping and pay more attention to our budget. I spent hours looking up information on budgeting and things I could do to make sure we always had what we needed and still be able to purchase things we enjoy (comic books, video games, etc.). Three of the greatest things I learned were to do price comparisons, basic couponing, ¬†and taking advantage of sales. So, the Shopping Hauls category will be me sharing great finds from food to clothes and hopefully help you all save more money.

The haul that arrived yesterday was from Forever 21. This is one of my favorite stores, but it can be extremely pricey. The Forever 21 at my local mall is two floors and the sales racks are overwhelming. Men’s is mixed with women’s and finding your size in something you like is a joke. I decided to checkout their website and found that they have a sales section online. I was able to filter clothes they had in stock in my size. I also got a 10% off coupon for creating a new account. I only bought from the sales section and ended up spending $65 after taxes. Because my order was over $50 I also received free shipping. The retail price of my haul was $172 before taxes! They also have a men’s sales section, so anyone can take advantage of this opportunity to save. (I do recommend that you first go to the store and see what size you are in different styles of clothes)

That’s all for now! Feel free to comment and share your favorite shopping tips!