Historic Jamestowne

Hello! I have been pretty busy getting our new home up and going before my husband arrives. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. I’ve been getting rid of books, clothes, cooking utensils, you name it. Apart of this cleaning up has also led me to organize and back up our pictures. I discovered some pictures of a trip my husband and I took to Historic Jamestowne. The site is pretty small, but they’re still discovering new things.


This is a 3-D map of what the Fort originally looked like. The far north buildings are trading posts and living quarters, the tower south east of that is where the church was, and the building to the south west was more living quarters.


What’s left of the south west living quarters today.


This active site is the excavation of what used to be wells. So far, they have found dishes, bones, and places were there was fence logs. These discoveries had given us new information about the settlement. There is now proof of cannibalism and that the settlers had to move the fence. Our guide said the fence was most likely moved for a more strategic defense against the Native Americans.


Lastly, this is a cemetery. The archaeologists here believe there is more to be discovered under water. But, they have made many advances. Many of the events John Smith wrote about are now able to be backed. This might not sound like a big deal, but he has often been described as an extreme exaggerator. These settlers found an excellent spot for aquatic warfare, but found themselves in harsh living conditions. They starved to the point were they resolved to cannibalism and were surrounded by their enemies. These hard times  were in the name of wealth. They were following the pursuit of gold with the Spaniards, but ended up starting a new nation.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Until next time!


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