Spring Onions

Hey guys! So, my husband is going to be back very soon and I’ve realized I have so many unfinished projects. I’ve been hanging curtains, pictures, and donating bags full of stuff. Organizing and decluttering my house has helped me refocus back to my favorite hobbies. For example, my gardening. If you guys recall my last gardening post, my current plants were basil and broccoli. I made a slight error and over watered my basil. I didn’t take the colder weather into consideration when watering and the roots rotted. On an even sadder note, something (most likely a caterpillar) ate the leaves of my broccoli. I think it’s still salvageable, but I need to do some more research. Right now it’s 31 degrees outside. Because of this, I’ve chosen to take on a smaller project that I can do indoors.


I love the fresh taste of spring onions. But, ever time I purchase a bushel at the supermarket, 75% of it goes bad. I hate wasting food. So, I decided to  grow my own. I started my plants by cutting four, store bought spring onions down to the white part. I put them in a small plastic bowl with water for about two weeks.


I pruned the spring onions and prepared them for their new home. By the way, I bought this glass mug at dollar tree.


My plants needed some extra support since they grew side ways in the plastic container. I found these medium sized skewers at the grocery store and mini clothespins at Hobby Lobby.


This was my final product. The mug fits in my kitchen windowsill so it gets plenty of sunlight and is protected from the cold at the same time. On Pinterest, you can can find ways to home grow other things you may purchase regularly (carrots, celery, etc.)

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Here in Norfolk, there’s a lot of really unique local businesses and they are usually in walking distance of each other. The newest addition to my favorite block is a shop named Samla.


As my cousin and I walked in, the cashier/Florist was working on some beautiful wreaths and informed us that shop had recently been reconfigured into a florist shop.


In general, this place has a really great vibe.


It could have been anything from the Eucalyptus candles, crystals, or just being in a room full of thriving greenery.


I ended up leaving with this bushel of French Lavender and the scent is truly next level.

That’s it for this post. I’m hoping to do a DIY and another shopping post soon. I really hope you guys have been enjoying the post lately. Please leave a like if you did and follow my page if you haven’t already. Thank you and until next time!



Pagoda Park

Today, my cousin and I decided to have a picnic. After 30 minutes of research we found this super cool spot called Pagoda Park. This park is really interesting because it’s an Asian themed park surrounded by a ship port, a brownstone neighborhood, a busy mall, and a street full of shops and restaurants. With all of this action you would think this park would be loud and leave you unable to relax. To our surprise, the park was calm and beautiful. I will now let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!







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Fun with Fujifilm

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am over this buy!!! I was at Urban Outfitters looking around with my cousin when out of no where, he spotted it. Sitting on the dimly lit wooden shelves were the rows of instant film cameras. I went home and after a few days I made my decision. I was going to purchase one of these glorious inventions. Here is my Fujilfilm + accessories.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (currently $55 on Amazon)


A pink case with an adjustable strap. The front flap unbuttons so you don’t have to take the camera in and out of the case. This is super convenient for me, because I’m extremely clumsy and I often drop things. (Currently $10 on Amazon)


Finally, this purchase would not be complete without film. (the twin pack is currently $12)

I have Amazon prime so prices may vary. I’m excited to take my new friend on future adventures and starting a new project with all my future pictures.

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Historic Jamestowne

Hello! I have been pretty busy getting our new home up and going before my husband arrives. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. I’ve been getting rid of books, clothes, cooking utensils, you name it. Apart of this cleaning up has also led me to organize and back up our pictures. I discovered some pictures of a trip my husband and I took to Historic Jamestowne. The site is pretty small, but they’re still discovering new things.


This is a 3-D map of what the Fort originally looked like. The far north buildings are trading posts and living quarters, the tower south east of that is where the church was, and the building to the south west was more living quarters.


What’s left of the south west living quarters today.


This active site is the excavation of what used to be wells. So far, they have found dishes, bones, and places were there was fence logs. These discoveries had given us new information about the settlement. There is now proof of cannibalism and that the settlers had to move the fence. Our guide said the fence was most likely moved for a more strategic defense against the Native Americans.


Lastly, this is a cemetery. The archaeologists here believe there is more to be discovered under water. But, they have made many advances. Many of the events John Smith wrote about are now able to be backed. This might not sound like a big deal, but he has often been described as an extreme exaggerator. These settlers found an excellent spot for aquatic warfare, but found themselves in harsh living conditions. They starved to the point were they resolved to cannibalism and were surrounded by their enemies. These hard times  were in the name of wealth. They were following the pursuit of gold with the Spaniards, but ended up starting a new nation.

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New House, New Garden

Hello again! So much has happened this summer. As some of you may know, my husband deployed at the beginning of the summer and I went back home to Florida. Turns out that was a horrible decision and I ended up leaving early. I was lucky enough to find a great house for rent in a super cute neighborhood. Of course this means I have to start a new garden. I’m starting off with basil and broccoli. Autumn is full force here in Virginia so there isn’t much to grow right now. It’s going to be too cold for the basil soon. To get around this, I will be keeping the basil inside and making sure it gets adequate sunlight from the window. 

The lettuce, basil, and pepper plants from last season did not survive the harsh Florida humidity. But, that’s okay! It was a great starting point and this time I will not be limited to an apartment balcony.

(RIP little guys) 

Until next time,



Back at it again

Hey guys! It’s been a really long time since my last post, but I’ve had so much going on. My husband deployed, I moved back home, and I’m going back to school now. I for sure did not think I would be this busy.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update on what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling now that I’m in my home state. My husband and I have family all over Florida and they all expect visits lol. Plus, my birthday just passed. So, here’s a few pictures for you guys.

(Clearwater Beach- Spent my birthday weekend here)

(Pokemon hunting in between classes. Yes, I know it’s childish. But, I grew up with Pokemon so I will continue.)

(My newest hobby is fishing. Got my own pole and everything lol)

(Lastly, Matanzas Inlet in St. Augustine. I have a pretty intense sunburn from this trip, but this beautiful water was worth it.)

That’s all for now guys! My next post will be more legit I promis.